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Sudoku Spot is a completely free version of the amazingly popular Japanese number puzzle, available to play on nearly all Java (J2ME) mobile phones.

The aim of the puzzle is to enter a number, usually from 1 through 9, in each cell of a grid, most frequently a 9×9 grid made up of 3×3 subgrids (called "regions"), starting with various numerals given in some cells (the "givens"). Each row, column and region must contain only one instance of each numeral. Although first published in 1979, Sudoku initially became popular in Japan in 1986 and attained international popularity in 2005.

The key features of Sudoku Spot are:

  • Levels - more schemes to engage your mind
  • Customize - more graphics to enjoy your eyes
  • Check & Solution - more simplicity to save you from headaches!

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